NFL Bye Weeks


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Fair & Balanced Fantasy Football Information
WEEK 1: None
WEEK 2: None
WEEK 3: None
WEEK 4: Arizona, Atlanta, Carolina, Philadelphia
WEEK 5: Chicago, Green Bay, New Orleans, San Diego
WEEK 6: Dallas, Indianapolis, Miami, San Francisco
WEEK 7: Baltimore, Denver, Detroit, Jacksonville, Seattle, Tennessee
WEEK 8: Cincinnati, Kansas City, New England, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, Washington
WEEK 9: Buffalo, Cleveland, Minnesota, New York Jets, Oakland, St. Louis
WEEK 10: Houston, New York Giants
WEEK 11: None
WEEK 12: None
WEEK 13: None
WEEK 14: None
WEEK 15: None
WEEK 16: None
WEEK 17: None
In a typical use of the term "bye", the NFL rewards two division winners from each of the two conferences which possess the best regular season record with a bye in the playoffs. This is necessitated by the current 12-team playoff structure. Eight is the next lowest power of 2, so four teams must be eliminated in the first week to get down to eight teams.