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Adams College Atoms - Revenge of the Nerds movies
Ampipe Bulldogs - All the Right Moves
Arlen High School Armadillos - King of the Hill
Blitz: The League - from the video game of the same name
Boston Rebels - The Game Plan (film)
California Atoms - Gus
California Bulls - 1st & Ten (TV series)
Chicago Rockets - Super Bowl team in The Sum of All Fears (film)
Clemson Stars - The Waterboy
Cougars - Playmakers
Eastern State University Timberwolves - The Program
Endsville Fluffycats - The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
Florida Gators - Super Bowl team in The Sum of All Fears (film)
Franklin State University Warriors - Unbreakable
Gotham Knights (formerly the Gotham Giants) - Batman
Gotham Wildcats (formerly Goliaths) - The Daily Planet Guide to Gotham City
Liberty City Beavers - Grand Theft Auto III
Liberty City Cocks (as in "Roosters") - Grand Theft Auto III
London Jets - Red Dwarf (Zero-G Football)
London Silly Nannies - Family Guy
Los Angeles Outlaws - Against All Odds
Los Angeles Stallions, Cleveland Cats - The Last Boy Scout
Louisville Mystics - The Waterboy
Mean Machine - The Longest Yard and The Longest Yard (2005 film)
Metropolis Meteors - Superman
Metropolis Metros - Superman
Metropolis Sharks - Smallville
Miami Bucks - Semi-Tough
Miami Sharks, Dallas Knights, California Crusaders, Chicago Rhinos, New York Emperors, Minnesota Americans, Colorado Blizzard, Kansas Twisters, Houston Cattlemen, Wisconsin Icemen, Seattle Prospects, Los Angeles Breakers, Texas Rattlers, Oregon Pioneers, Washington Lumbermen and Orlando Crushers - Any Given Sunday
Minnesota State Screaming Eagles - sitcom Coach
New Jersey Blazers - Magnum P.I. (team appears in episode One More Summer)
New York Smashers - Kickers, Inc.
North Dallas Bulls - in the 1979 film North Dallas Forty
Orlando Breakers - sitcom Coach
Park City Pirates - Lucas (film)
Pittsburgh Ironmen - Queer as Folk (US TV series)
Polk High School Panthers - Married… with Children
Quimby Falls Buzzards - Fumbleheads
Ridgemont Wolves - Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Roadrunners - The 6th Day
Rump City Bootyheads - The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
Rydell High School Rangers - Grease
San Diego Sabres - The Game (US TV series)
San Fierro 69ers - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Shelbyville Sharks - The Simpsons
South Central Louisiana State University Mud Dogs - The Waterboy
South Park Cows - South Park
Springfield Atoms - The Simpsons
Springfield U. Nittany Tide - The Simpsons
Springfield A&M Snortin' Swine - The Simpsons
Texas Angels - The A-Team (team appears in episode Quarterback Sneak)
Texas State Armadillos - Necessary Roughness
University of Metropolis Bulldogs - Smallville
University of Los Angeles Peacocks - The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
University of Louisiana Cougars - The Waterboy
Urbania Little Giants - Little Giants (Pee-Wee Football)
Vice City Mambas -- Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Washington Sentinels - The Replacements
West Canaan HIgh School Coyotes - Varsity Blues (film)