Q: What is the "Website Watchdog?"

A: The "website watchdog" serves as the eyes & ears of the fantasy football industry.  As we gather information from fantasy football sources around the country, we'll report it.

Q: What kind of fantasy news does the "watchdog" report on?

A: Everything!  We conduct interviews.  We'll take a look at various web sites and report on how creative their site is.  Is it user friendly?  Does it have a nice layout? Football contests? NFL happenings, fantasy situations etc. etc.

Q: How does the "watchdog" collect his info?

A: Very easy, from you!  Fantasy Tailgate is blessed with the opportunity of using television, radio and the Internet as our way of communicating our message. Therefore, we are able to attract a very broad audience. Last year alone, we fielded more than 1000 questions per week (weeks 1-16)  of email and telephone questions relating to starting line-up advice, fantasy football websites and general industry news.


PLEASE email Fantasy Tailgate if there is something you would like to see the Website Watchdog report on.  For example, are you receiving great service from a particular website? Is there a feature a certain website offers that helps (or hurts) your fantasy football decisions? 

Attention Webmasters
Is there something from your site (feature, contest, etc) that you'd like us to take a look at?  Our goal is to be compelling, accurate and balanced. We welcome and appreciate your input.

We welcome all thoughts, comments, criticisms, compliments, etc.

Welcome to the July 2004 report of Fantasy Tailgate's Website Watchdog.  For those of you who are new to Fantasy Tailgate, our Website Watchdog is a segment from our fantasy football television show that monitors what's the latest & greatest in the fantasy football industry and throughout the NFL.  With so many websites offering advice, league management, contests, etc., Fantasy Tailgate has decided to take on compiling some of the information and reporting it on to you, just like your local evening news.

This month, we have a special treat.  We've been blessed with the opportunity to interview one of the rising stars in the sports broadcasting industry.  The Tony Bruno Morning Extravaganza's very own Andrew Siciliano.
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Andrew Siciliano joined Fox Sports Radio as an update anchor and a fill-in talk host for the network debut in Sept. 2000.  Just three months later, he was named co-host of the morning show.

Siciliano graduated from Syracuse in 1996, and landed an anchor/reporter position at all-news WMAQ-AM 670 in Chicago immediately following graduation. When WMAQ secured the broadcast rights for the Chicago Bears in 1999, Siciliano hosted the post-game talk show. In 2000, he moved to Los Angeles to work for Fox Sports Radio. Andrew won two A.I.R. awards, being named Best Sports Reporter & Best Sports Anchor while at WMAQ.
He currently serves as the radio play-by-play voice of the Las Vegas Gladiators on the Arena Football League.

During the NFL football season, he hosts a fantasy football television show for Fox Sports Net.

Now that the housekeeping is out of the way, let's jump into it!

Dan LaBert interviews Andrew Siciliano

DAN:  How long have you been playing fantasy football?

ANDREW:  I've been playing fantasy sports, off an on, for about 15 years.  I took some time off in college, but got back into it a few years ago.

DAN:  In your own opinion, what percentage of fantasy football is luck?

ANDREW:  I'd be lying if I said a lot of success isn't due to luck.  Nobody plans on injuries.  Nobody plans on Anquan Boldin.  Nobody plans on Lee Suggs' week 17 performance against the Bengals.

DAN:   Give our readers a few suggestions on the main things they should do during the off-season to plan and prepare for their fantasy football draft?

ANDREW:  Be sure to get your running back depth chart list.  You should know every second and third string tailback in the NFL.  Those second string guys are worth gold.  How many times have we seen a backup run for 1,000 yards?  If you don't play the guys, they're always valuable trading pieces.

DAN:  What are 2 to 3 mistakes you constantly see being made by fantasy football newbies?

ANDREW:  It's not easy, but you have to avoid drafting too many players from your favorite team.  It's always hard to evaluate them fairly.  You may wear your Bethel Johnson jersey every Sunday, but he isn't a number one receiver.  Also, a good running back is always more valuable than a good wide receiver.   Don't put off taking your second back too long.

DAN:  What is your opinion of TO?  How will he do in Philly this season?

ANDREW:  The Eagles will be scary this year.  I'm not sold on their defense, but Terrell Owens should have a huge year.  However, it won't be easy.  The Philly fans will turn on him by week 3 if he's leading the league in dropped passes again.  He'll put up good numbers, but his yardage won't be what you were used to seeing in San Francisco.

DAN:  Will the Redskins make the playoffs this season?

ANDREW:  The Redskins will make the playoffs...but barely.

DAN:  Ladainian Tomlinson or Priest Holmes?  Why?

ANDREW:  Priest Holmes is a model of consistency.  I've always been a Priest fan...stick with Priest.  Even though LT caught 100 passes last year...when in doubt, go with the back on the better team.

DAN:  Anquan Boldin: Sophomore jinx or sophomore stud?

ANDREW:  Anquan Boldin will put up very good numbers again, but not nearly as jaw-dropping as last year.  Larry Fitzgerlad will take a lot of those passes from Boldin.  Don't forget, Dennis Green loves Fitzgerlad like a son.  Green will give him every opportunity to catch as many passes as possible.

DAN:  Where can our readers hear/ see more of you this season?

ANDREW:  The Ultimate Fantasy Football Show returns this fall on Friday and Saturday nights, and Sunday morning on Fox Sports Net.

DAN:  Andrew, thanks so much for your time.  You are truly a pleasure to listen to and watch.  We wish you luck and success in 2004.

ANDREW:  Thanks Dan!

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